Donna inspired to run by pal who beat cancer

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An Ilkeston woman took on a charity run after being inspired to take part by a woman who helped her recover from an injury that left her struggling to walk.

Donna Hancox, 47, of Beauvale Drive has raised hundreds of pounds by taking part in the Cancer Research UK Race For Life at Nottingham Embankment.

In 2009 she slipped and twisted her foot, causing a fracture, which resulted in her having metal put into her leg.

To aid her recovery she joined a gym were she was able to get fit with the help of personal trainer Lisa Palmer.

Donna said: “When I injured my foot in 2009 it took 26 weeks to heal. Then I got knocked when I was on my scooter.

“Somebody told me to go and see a girl called Lisa who worked as a personal trainer. For the first time in three years I was painless.

“Then I found out that Lisa was in remission for cancer of the pelvis so I decided to enter the Race For Life. Normally I would just walk it but I ran it for the first time.

“I said to Lisa ‘would you let me have the honour of putting your name on my back?’ ”

Donna has raised almost £500 through sponsorship, including money donated by Platinum Gym.

She finished the 5k race in an impressive 24 minutes.

She said: “All the while I was pushing myself, thinking ‘If this woman hadn’t pushed me this far I wouldn’t be running today’.”