Dozens report 'UFO' sightings

STRANGE lights in the sky, believed to be UFOs, were spotted all over the borough by dozens of people.

After our report last week of cross-shaped lights being spotted above Long Eaton the previous weekend, a number of readers from all over the borough came forward with their own sightings.

John Henshaw, 46, said he and his neighbours in Shipley View went out into the street to see eight orange lights dart across the night sky on Saturday, October 31. They were convinced the lights were nothing to do with Bonfire displays.

Mr Henshaw, of Newstead Road North, said: "You think you're going mad but I've never seen anything like it in my life. They were circular and bright orange and they all darted off towards Ikea.

"I don't believe in anything like that, but I don't know what to think now."

Mr Henshaw said about six or seven neighbours stopped on the street at about 9.30pm to watch the mystery lights.

Buck Ley, who lives in Richmond Avenue, Ilkeston, also saw the mysterious lights in the sky.

He said: "I was in the garden and noticed these orange lights moving across the sky.

"I stood and watched for 15 minutes before they came together and then there was only one."

But Maxine Smith, of College Street, Long Eaton, has come up with a more rational explanation.

She said the lights were more likely to have been lasers from nightclubs or fairgrounds shining up and reflecting off the clouds.

"When Ilkeston Fair is on you can see the lights from here. I think that's exactly what these sightings are," she added.

But Maureen Hemsley, 74, of Taylor Crescent, Stapleford, said the lights she saw could not be explained away as lasers.

"They can't have been laser beams because I've seen them before. This was definitely something different.

"They could have been UFOs – you just never know," she said.

Gloria Dixon from the British UFO Research Association said: "I have little doubt that what your readers saw were Chinese lanterns, especially when you consider it was the weekend before Guy Fawkes.

"About 70 per cent of all the calls we get can be explained as Chinese lanterns. I would urge your readers to look up Chinese lanterns on the internet and compare what they saw with what they find there."

Keep watching the skies and tell us about your sightings via email at or call 0115 944 6181.