DRAMATIC PHOTOS: Man crashes car on M1 after swerving to ‘shut up’ his girlfriend

Ian Moore's crashed Rover on the M1 motorway
Ian Moore's crashed Rover on the M1 motorway

This is how a driver’s car looked after he swerved to “shut up” his girlfriend on the M1.

The Rover was a write-off after striking a metal barrier, which left a fire crew having to cut out motorist Ian Moore.

Ian Moore's crashed Rover on the M1 motorway

Ian Moore's crashed Rover on the M1 motorway

The Crown Prosecution Service released these pictures after Moore was told by a judge he could have brought death to the motorway.

He was the only person injured when his Rover spun out of control on June 13. He needed a week in hospital for rib injuries, a court heard.

He admitted dangerous driving and was ordered to do 150 hours’ community work. He got an eight-week jail term, suspended for two years.

District Judge Tim Spruce told him: “You are lucky no-one was killed.

“You chose to do what you did. There was a clear level of risk not only to yourself and your partner in the car but to other people on that motorway.”

Moore, 35, was banned from driving for two years and will have to take an extended test.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard that his red car was in the middle lane when the couple began to argue.

He said: “If you don’t stop, I’ll swerve,” said Hannah Strawson, prosecuting.

“The argument did not stop and the defendant suddenly swerved the car to the left, deliberately jolting the steering wheel.

“He lost control, the vehicle spun round anti-clockwise and collided with a metal barrier,” she added. The car was a write-off.

A probation report was read in court and revealed: “He tried to jerk the vehicle in order to shut her up and stop an argument.

“He knows better than anybody how lucky everybody has been, including himself. There were no injuries to anyone else but he caused shock and horror to the other person.

“The couple are still together, they are still an item.”

Prosecution costs of £620 and a £115 government surcharge were ordered from Moore, of Ruskin Avenue, Long Eaton. He admitted dangerous driving near Ilkeston.

Helen Rooks, mitigating, said the car was written off. She told the court: “Ironically, he had just spent £500 on getting it through the MoT but he is able to walk to work.”

The father-of-two suffered from amnesia as a result of the crash and was unable to recall any details of it.

Miss Rooks added: “He totally accepts what has been said about the incident.

“I do think he has very much learnt the error of his ways. I would be surprised if he is in a hurry to get his licence back.”