DRAMATIC PICTURES: Firefighters carry out ‘mock’ road smash rescues

editorial image

These are the dramatic pictures of Ilkeston firefighters carrying out a number of life-saving rescues.

The images show a man being carried on a stretcher after a serious crash, a car submerged in water and two other cars lodged against each other.

Thankfully, these scenarios are not actually real and were in fact created for the Ilkeston Red Watch team to sharpen their skills.

“This type of training is important because you don’t know when accidents like this will happen,” Mark Burnham, watch manager of Ilkeston Red Watch, said.

“It is something that goes on on a regular basis in preparation for the real thing.”

The firefighters not only train for road traffic collisions, but also water and animal rescues, spillages and a number of ‘special services’.

Their training also includes working alongside East Midlands Ambulance Service and other emergency services, just as they would in ‘real life’ incidents.

To help with their training, the fire service receives 15 free brand new cars from Toyota to use during practices.

“The cars nowadays are getting stronger and stronger so we need to practice on the modern vehicles,” Mark said.

Although sometimes the fire service may be called to attend an incident where a minor ‘knock’ has taken place, fire chiefs could also be called to a crash involving multiple cars.

When a 999 call comes in to attend a road traffic collision, the crews have to make a number of important decisions in a short space of time.

“For example if someone is in a critical decision, then we have to get them out quickly but we also have to be gentle,” Mark said.

“We also have to disable all the safety systems in a vehicle to make it safe.

“If there are a lot of collisions on a certain road then we will go out and see if there is anything we can do to make it safer.”