Drink driver locked up

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A drink-driver was jailed for 13 months after claiming asthma prevented him from blowing into a breath test bag.

After that excuse, Dominic Rerrie then told police he could not manage it because he had just swallowed ten bags of heroin, a court heard.

“He was clearly trying to delay the breathalyser procedure,” said Alex Wolfson, prosecuting.

An 18-month driving ban was imposed on Rerrie, 19, of Windermere Avenue, Long Eaton.

He admitted failing to provide a breath sample, driving without insurance and in breach of the terms of his licence.

He appeared at Derby Crown Court on Monday because the offences put him in breach of a previous suspended prison sentence.

Judge Jonathan Gosling told him: “I gave you a chance with the suspended sentence and told you if you were prepared to complete the rest of the order, I would not send you down. You just threw that back in my face. You have not bothered.”

The court heard that Rerrie was seen in Long Eaton where police asked if he had a driving licence. He pretended to look for one before admitting he had no licence or insurance.

He was asked to sit in the back of a police car when questioned on October 26. Mr Wolfson added: “When the officer got back in the car, it smelt of alcohol.

“He asked if he had anything to drink and he said ‘just a little drink earlier.’”

A roadside breath test gave a reading of 76 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, just over double the legal limit. Rerrie then refused to give a sample on a machine at Long Eaton police station.