Drinking and drugs caused dad’s death

A GRIEVING dad was found dead at a friends house after drinking and taking morphine just three weeks after the death of his uncle.

Jason Chambers, 37, had been staying at a friend’s house on Wirksworth Road, when he died in September last year.

Dr Gurprit Atwal, consultant histopathologist at the Royal Derby Hospital told Derby and South Derbyshire Coroner’s Court that Mr Chambers died as a result of alcohol and morphine toxicity.

Toxicology tests revealed that he had drank the equivalent to being three times over the drink drive limit as well as taking morphine.

Dr Atwal told the court that the most likely outcome was that Mr Chambers fell into a deep sleep and stopped breathing.

Mr Chambers was staying with Samantha Smedley and her family at their Kirk Hallam home at the time of his death following the break up of his relationship.

A statement given to police by Miss Smedley was read out at court. In it she said that she had found Mr Chambers face down on the sofa on the morning of September 2.

She said his arm and face were purple and ‘she knew something was wrong’.

An ambulance was called but Mr Chambers was dead by the time paramedics arrived.

Police were called and immediately ruled out suspicious circumstances.

In her statement Miss Smedley recalled the events of the night before Mr Chambers’ death and said he had been drinking with friends and appeared drunk when he arrived home. He was staggering and had an almost empty two litre bottle of cider in his hand.

Assistant deputy coroner Paul McCandless recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Mr McCandless said he was completely satisfied that Mr Chambers had no intention of taking his own life and that his death had occurred as a result of him believing himself to have a tolerance to both drink and morpine.

Summarising, he said: “Jason Chambers had consumed three times the drink drive limit of alcohol.

“The blood free level of morphine was consistent with levels associated with potential poisoning and death.

“The combination effects caused him to stop breathing whilst he was asleep.”