Driver’s fury at parking fine

NILABE120213a2, Andrew Attenborough from West Hallam with his parking ticket.
NILABE120213a2, Andrew Attenborough from West Hallam with his parking ticket.

A MOTORIST who appealed a parking fine is being forced to pay up despite having a valid ticket.

Andrew Attenborough was shocked when he returned to his vehicle in the Albion Centre car park to find a £25 penalty charge notice stuck to his windscreen because his pay and display ticket was face down on the dashboard of his car.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ticket, I knew I had paid, in fact I’d overpaid by 10p because I didn’t have the right change.

“I hadn’t even noticed that the ticket was face down, it must have flipped over when I closed the door.

“I appealed because I was expecting the common sense response would mean I wouldn’t have to pay but apparently not.

“I was furious when I got the letter saying my appeal had been rejected – I had a valid ticket.

“I would have been better off not having bought a ticket at all. It’s disgusting.”

The letter sent to Mr Attenborough refusing his appeal said: “The photograph taken by the civil enforcement officer at the time the penalty charge notice was issued clearly shows that there is a pay and display ticket face down on the dashboard.

“The pay and display ticket must be displayed such that the date of issue and expiry time are available for verification by the civil enforcement officer. I appreciate that you may have a valid ticket for the time that the penalty charge notice was issued but as this was not clearly displayed I am unable to cancel the penalty charge notice.”

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