Duke: letters do not change a thing

NILA-LC-100420C4 - Victoria park Ilkeston. r David Manners 11th Duke of Rutland
NILA-LC-100420C4 - Victoria park Ilkeston. r David Manners 11th Duke of Rutland

The Duke of Rutland has contacted the Advertiser to allay any fears homeowners might have after receiving letters from the Land Registry.

The letters have been sent out as the Duke has taken steps to register his manorial rights after a new act of Parliament.

Writing on behlaf of the Duke, his private secreatary, Harvey Proctor, said: “We just want to reassure the landowners affected by the Land Registry notices that nothing has changed by this registration.

“Nothing is lost by owners of this land, the Duke of Rutlan d always was the owner of minerals but now this is clearly stated on the Land Register.
“Registration of rights does not mean that there is any intention on behalf of the Duke of Rutland now to re-open mines, there should be no blight on property or the area as a result of his confirmed ownership of these rights.”

Addressing concerns previously raised by property owners andestate agents in the town, Mr Proctor went on to say: “The value of properties should not be affected by the Duke’s registration of his rights because there is no intention to take anything away from owners of land and buildings, the owners should not be prevented from selling or leasing or mortgaging their property by the registration of these rights.

“The notice is not a financial charge and the Duke does not have any right to ask for rent as a result of registering his ownershipof manorial rights.

“The Duke is simply protecting those rights as a result of a change in the law.”

But one resident who recieved a letter, Derek Scholes, told the Advertiser he thinks the Duke’s message is too late.

He explained: “The change in law was approved ten years ago and then come October there were was a rush on to get these letters sent out in time for the deadline.

“People were understandably worried when they got these lettters.

“It really gave people the jitters, to get a letter telling you the deeds of your property have been changed is unnerving.

“What a lot of us don’t understand is that if it doesn’t change anything then why do it?

“The one thing people keep coming back to is the issue of fracking.

“This area is highlighted as an area that could be used for fracking in the future and that is another concern.”