E-mail fraud at Stapleford Town Council

Paedophile searching the net.
Paedophile searching the net.

Fraudulent emails impersonating a town council clerk has been sent to hundreds of people.

An email alleging to have been sent by clerk, Margaret Downie, begging for £2,500 so she could return to England from the Ukraine, was sent from Stapleford Town Council’s email account.

The email received by authority contacts was reported to Nottinghamshire Police and the City of London’s phishing department.

It is alleged the emails originated from a hacker in Nigeria who gained access at 8am on April 24.

Clerk Margaret Downie said that thankfully nobody had given any money.

“I have no idea why I’d have been in the Ukraine and thankfully those who recieved the email realised this.”

She added: “We have anti-virus software in place and realise that these scams do happen - it could’ve been anyone.

“I’d just urge anyone who received the email to discard it.”

Access to the email account was regained by 11am on April 24.