Head against shorter holidays

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A headmaster has voiced his opposition to calls from 
Government education secretary Michael Gove for shorter school holidays.

Mr Gove has said he believes traditional long summer school holidays were a relic of the 19th century and should be replaced by shorter holidays and longer school days.

Keith Morrow, head of The Elms Junior School and Nursery in Long Eaton, insists it is improving holiday childcare provision and not slashing holiday time that is the 

He said: “Increasingly in 
today’s society both parents work and therefore the issue of child care in school holidays is a major concern for such parents.

“While having sympathy for parents struggling to find holiday care for their 
children, I disagree with Mr Gove’s arguments for shorter school holidays and longer school days for pupils.

“Children need a break from their studies, a chance to play with family and friends, a chance to recharge batteries and assimilate their learning.”