Headteacher ‘disappointed’ after primary school is placed in special measures

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A West Hallam primary school has been placed in special measures after an Ofsted inspection.

But the headteacher and chair of governors at Scargill CE Voluntary Aided Primary School have announced an action plan to address the issues raised after inspectors visited in November.

While the school’s Early Years provision was rated as ‘good’ and pupil attendance figures were found to be higher than the national average, there were a number of areas that inspectors rated as ‘inadequate’.

Pupils raised concerns about bullying and the inspection also concluded that the school’s governing body needed to have a better understanding of its role in improving the school.

Teaching was not meeting the needs of all children and the feedback given to pupils was not helping them to progress, the inspectors stated.

Headteacher Andrew Poole said: “We are all very disappointed but we are ensuring that actions to address the issues raised in the report are being put into place promptly.

“The health, safety and well-being of our pupils is extremely important to us all at Scargill. We want all of our children to feel safe when they are at school.”

The school, which has 392 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years old, has already introduced a new system for dealing with reports of bullying and is continuing to provide anti-bullying lessons to all children in the school.

Parents will be given details of a comprehensive improvement plan which the school is working on with the council and the Derby Diocese Academy Trust to address the recommendations for action made by Ofsted.

Chair of Governors Linda Webster said: “We note the findings in the report and we acknowledge that we have lessons to learn from the inspection.

“We feel confident that by working together with the leadership team and staff with support from the local authority, we can put into place the action plan and achieve swift improvement and an outcome that more appropriately reflects our school at the next Ofsted inspection.”

Derbyshire County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Children’s Services Councillor Caitlin Bisknell said: “We understand that it is always a great concern to parents when their child’s school is placed in special measures.

“The school has already been quick to respond to the recommendations for improvement and our advisors are working with staff and governors to help ensure that children get the education they need and feel happy and confident at Scargill Primary.”

Andrew Poole added: “We believe Scargill is more than capable of making rapid improvements so that Ofsted will judge the school very differently at the next inspection.

“We hope that we can unite in this common goal and support our wonderful pupils and dedicated staff to achieve the great things that we know we can.”