Enjoy a crime free Christmas

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Ilkeston Inspector Nick Daines has offered his advice to residents as the festive season approaches.

He said: “Christmas is nearly upon us, an event that comes around with alarming regularity.

“I hope by now that the usual advice that is given out at this time of year is already etched on your minds, and I hope even more that most people will abide by it!

“In particular, that means ensuring that drink doesn’t get the better of you, and you end up doing something daft and out-of-character, that can have serious repercussions for years to come.

“If you go out to licensed premises or a private party, consider alternating soft drinks with alcoholic ones. Have enough money with you to get a bus or taxi home if there isn’t a designated driver-drink driving can have terrible consequences, and we have a zero tolerance policy to those who are tested over the limit.

“Remember also that if you are under the influence, you are also more liely to be a victim of crime so be aware of yor surroundings and personal safety, and make sure you keep your possessions secure-a purse or mobile phone left on a pub table whilst you nip to the loo make for easy pickings.”