Garden waste collection has been ‘abused’

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Erewash Borough Council has said it will consider stopping garden-waste collections if people continue to ‘abuse’ the service.

More than half of all garden waste collected in the two months since the council introduced the service has ended up in landfill because it is contaminated.

The council, which has been left with a bill of £6,000 to take the rubbish to landfill, has warned that it will monitor the waste closely over the coming weeks and residents will be contacted if any contamination can be traced to individual addresses.

Items found in the brown bins by refuse collectors include cycle tyres, plasterboard, frying pans, cardboard and personal mail items.

Councillor Chris Corbett, leader of Erewash Borough Council, said: “It is totally unacceptable for residents to dump non-garden waste in the brown bins. Within weeks of these collections restarting we have been forced to send contaminated waste to landfill at a cost of over £6,000 and that is absolutely shocking.

“We thank those who do recycle properly – but we feel it is necessary to appeal to everyone to use the brown bin collections carefully.

“We provide this free garden waste collection service so that we can make gardening even easier for everyone while helping to safeguard the environment for our families in the future.”

The council only restarted its garden waste collections in March - but over 50 per cent of the brown bin waste currently being collected is contaminated with items that could be recycled at kerbside or taken to the household recycling centre in Ilkeston.

Over the last two months more than 70 tonnes of collected garden waste has been sent to landfill.

A letter will be sent to anyone found to be contaminating garden waste.

to explain what should and should not be placed in the brown bin.