Epic gnome statue makes brief visit

editorial image

A large gnome statue briefly featured on an Ilkeston roundabout before being stolen within 24 hours.

The statue first appeared in the middle of the roundabout on Nottingham Road, Ilkeston, on the morning of August 14 and was reported missing by the Ilson Gnome Facebook page this morning (August 15).

The theft has prompted anger from residents, which has been aired by many through social media.

A Facebook comment read: ‘Why cant Ilson share some fun without it being ruined?’

Others lamented the selfishness of the thief in stealing the gnome and many were outraged that it got to spend so little time on the island.

Another Facebook user wrote: ‘So it lasted a day? I’ll never understand the ability of the few to spoil things for the majority.’

A threat has also been made by the Ilson Gnome himself, who posted a status on his Facebook page directed at the thief.

He wrote: ‘Luckily the CCTV cameras were covering Gnome Island... Please replace the gnome by 3pm today to avoid further action.’

You have been warned.