Erewash boundary changes shelved

Controversial moves to change the boundaries of the Erewash Parliamentary Constituency have effectively been mothballed.

The Boundary Commission was tasked with drawing up proposals that would even out the number of voters per electoral area.

The plan put forward would have seen the Conservative wards of West Hallam, Dale Abbey, Ockbrook, Borrowash and Breadsall

returned to Erewash from the neighbouring Mid-Derbyshire constituency.

But in a parliamentary vote, a House Of Lords amendment to the Electoral Registration and Administration Bill was accepted.

It means boundary changes will be shelved until 2018.

Some believed that had the proposal been given the green light, it would have been easier for the Conservatives to retain the Erewash seat — and others — at the General Election in 2015.

Officers from the Boundary Commission for England suggested the changes along geographical, non-political lines.

Cllr Chris Corbett, leader of Erewash Borough Council, said it was a disappointment for Erewash Conservatives and the Conservative Party nationally.

“The wards wanted to come back to Erewash and it has meant a lot of wasted work for the Boundary Commission,” said Cllr Corbett.

“I would have thought the Conservative Party would win in 2015, though. People still know why the country is in a mess.

“It’s because Labour has mismanaged the economy - if you spend too much on your credit card there comes a time when you have to pay it back.”