Erewash firm says 2019 could be the year when we speak more to Alexa than our other half

Ramsey Dawson of Ramsey's in Long Eaton
Ramsey Dawson of Ramsey's in Long Eaton

Imagine a world where you speak to a smart speaker more than your other half or even make a latte with Google?

Well, 2019 could be the year when the rise of the smart kitchen becomes a reality, according to bosses at Long Eaton kitchen and bathroom showroom Ramsey’s.

For the firm - which has fitted kitchens for the rich and famous - is now preparing for a brand new technological era which will revolutionise how we use appliances.

The new era could see homes in the Erewash kitted out with fridge cameras which take a photo when you close the door to remind you of what you need to buy, appliances controlled by gadgets like Amazon Echos and making a latte using Google .

Managing director Ramsey Dawson said: “Those who are hoping for a kitchen robot which glides seamlessly around the kitchen making your dinner, and washing the dishes while you drink a glass of wine will certainly be disappointed - but, the rise of the smart kitchen in a different form is certainly a reality.

“We are more savvy than ever before, and designers are looking at ways in which the heart of the home can be revamped to include even more smart technology.

“We are finding that some of our most common pieces of technology include central heating which can be controlled via an app, or voice recognition, and underfloor heating which can be controlled in the same way.”

The family-run business has sold to numerous local footballers and even provided kitchens to two members of Showaddywaddy.

Ramsey once fitted a kitchen totalling a whopping £80,000, added: “We do get celebrity clients paying us a visit, which is fantastic for us as a business.

“We are based outside (Nottingham) city centre, but yet we still attract the high-end clientele.

“Many of these customers are after something unique and are savvy when it comes to technology - I often joke that we could see people talking to Alexa more than their spouse soon.”