Erewash MP Jessica Lee backs fight against new Tesco superstore in Sandiacre centre

EREWASH MP Jessica Lee has joined the fight against a proposed Tesco store in Sandiacre.

Speaking to the Advertiser Miss Lee said: “Local shops play a huge part in our community.

“Shopkeepers in Sandiacre, offer a friendly, ‘first name service’ upon which local people rely on.

“They provide jobs and are a reliable, local service and I would hate to lose this irreplaceable and essential aspect of life in Sandiacre.”

Miss Lee also commented on exisiting traffic issues and the potential for an increased amount of vehicles travelling through the town.

She said: “Anyone who lives or drives through Sandiacre, will know the amounts of traffic that travel through the village and will have experienced the congestion and the problems are not only confined to rush hour either.

“My postbag has reflected my own feelings, which makes me concerned for the people that live in the near vicinity of the proposed store.”

A decision is expected in the spring.