Establish a unique shopping experience

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Every town centre across the country is changing in a negative way.

Who would have ever thought that people would buy the amount that they do from an image on a computer screen without even seeing or touching the item, they then pay in advance to have it delivered.

The internet sales are destined to increase and therefore retail shops on expensive high streets will inevitably fail.

Bath Street in Ilkeston has some extraordinarily beautiful period buildings covering the Georgian period through Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, 1960’ and present day. It also has some remarkable photographs showing Bath Street in a bygone age.

It has a baker’s, a butcher’s and a greengrocer’s that customers queue at to get into.

I have not seen this in any other town for many a year and specifically since the supermarkets existed, and strangled all competition.

Let’s go down the nostalgia route and create a destination shopping area for fresh local produce, sold as it used to be from nice people in nice shops on a nice period street.

Let’s introduce the romanticism that we all relish in the period dramas that we watch on TV and create a period town shopping experience. People make destination journeys to:

Antique centres;

Garden centres;

Craft workshops;

Food festivals;

Flower festivals;

Speciality bakers’, butchers’ and piemakers’

We could have all of these in Ilkeston, we are central to Nottingham and Derby, the motorway, A52 and are the gateway to the Derbyshire countryside.

Since refurbishing and re-opening the Durham Ox as a restaurant.

I have proven without doubt that if you create something to be proud of, people will come.

Tony Coyne,