Estate residents call for bus route

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Residents in Shipley View have called for a bus company to provide a service for the estate after news that one of the two routes that serves the area is facing the axe.

The number 11 Notts and Derby bus will stop picking up passengers at the start of December.

Rob Stevenson contacted the Advertiser about his concerns.

He said: “I tend to use the bus at the weekend to go to wither Nottingham or Derby as it saves the hassle of parking but the lack of service on Shipley View makes it difficult.

“The two buses we do have come within ten minutes of each other which makes no sense and one of them is in such a terrible condition we usually catch it up to town and then use another service to carry on to where we are going.

“All we want is a regular bus, a decent bus and a proper service.

“It’s called a service but in my view bus companies only want to serve the lucrative routes and don’t bother providing for the lesser used routes.

“People are going to be stuck in their own homes.”

The response from readers came after the Advertiser reported the concerns of West Hallam residents about the stopping of the number 11 service.

Angela Smedley also spoke to the ‘Tiser about the situation on Shipley View.

She said: “What I don’t understand is why Cotmanhay gets so many buses and Shipley View does not.

“When I heard Cotmanhay was getting another bus I asked the Your Bus driver why there and not on Shipley View he said contact their head office and make a suggestion for a new route, which I did.

“If lots of people contact them with same suggestion then I hope we will get another bus on this estate.

“The web address is”