Estate won’t boost town

Why are our local politicians so quick to reel off such glib expressions as ‘will boost the town centre’ and ‘will help local shops’? They were used to ‘sell’ the idea of an Ilkeston railway station and have now been used in an Advertiser report (June 7) about a minor housing development of just 14 houses on Wharnecliffe Road. I would guess that out of 14 properties, at least 10 of the householders will shop at one of the existing local supermarkets – so how is that going to ‘boost local shops and the town centre’? There is a new and far larger development on Heanor Road and I see no signs of that having boosted business on Bath Street. If local politicians like these glib expressions, I will give them two to think about, ’you can’t turn back the clock’ and ‘they should think outside the box’. One final point from the report, how far is ‘spitting distance’? Not being guilty of such a coarse habit, I have no idea.

An Old Ilkestonian