Extra beds to stay at hospital

Ilkeston Community Hospital
Ilkeston Community Hospital

Ilkeston Hospital has been given a more key role in local healthcare after it was confirmed this week that Heanor Hospital will be bulldozed.

Ten beds from the neighbouring facility have been housed at Ilkeston since asbestos was found at Heanor and it was forced to close down in September last year.

Ilkeston Community Hospital league of Friends chairman, Mike Perry, told the Advertiser: “As far as I’m concerned the future of Ilkeston Hospital has never been under threat but this is good news because essentially it means that it is bringing back the second ward.

“We have been improving the hospital for some time now and the services on offer.

“Staff from Heanor have already been integrated into the hospital and both Ilkeston and Heanor League of Friends are working together.”

Heanor hospital will be replaced with a new £2.5m health unit.

The new facility will offer outpatient services, including for dementia sufferers and would be open within two years.

There will be no minor injuries treatment available there meaning patients from Heanor will use services on offer at Ilkeston.

The plans were unveiled at a meeting held last Thursday (May29).

A formal report is due in July which will then be subject to a three-month consultation period, then a third public meeting would be held.

Feedback will be gathered during the consultation period and a final decision will be made on plans in September.