Face to face with masked raiders

Derbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police

An Ilkeston shopkeeper has described the terrifying moment he came face to face with four masked raiders stealing cigarettes and cash from his post office.

Raj Mohan, who owns the store on Queen Elizabeth Way, lives above his shop and headed downstairs when he heard the break-in but turned and called police when he saw the four masked men.

It was the second time the store had been raided in two weeks and it is believed to have been the same gang.

Speaking exclusively to the Advertiser, Mr Mohan said: “I heard banging so headed down the stairs, I saw the four men and they all had their faces covered, I thought ‘I can’t take on four’ so ran back and called 999.

“It was very scary and I’m worried they will come back again.”

The first time thieves raided the shop on March 27, Mr Mohan was away and the alarm wasn’t set properly. On both occasions, including the second raid on Tuesday April 8, they stuffed their haul into distinctive yellow building rubble sacks and were captured on CCTV.

Mr Mohan estimates they have stolen £10,000 worth of cigarettes as well as ‘float’ from his till both times.

He said: “I don’t think the insurance will pay out for the first lot because of the alarm. It has cost me nearly £2,000 to have the door fixed twice as well.

“I am worried they will come back especially if my wife is here with me or if they come when the shop is open.”