Facebook help after boy’s bike stolen

Cotmanhay lad Jordon Clarke-Mills was given a bike by someone who saw on Facebook that his had been stolen
Cotmanhay lad Jordon Clarke-Mills was given a bike by someone who saw on Facebook that his had been stolen

A schoolboy has thanked two men who gave him a bike and a PlayStation 3 after his own posessions were stolen in a break-in at his home.

Martin Mills and Nick Sletton donated the items after reading on Facebook that 12-year old Jordon Mills’s own bike and laptop had been stolen as well as a tablet computer and other items from his Cotmanhay home.

Jordon’s mum, Diane Clarke-Mills, told the Advertiser: “I told my friend about the break-in and she said she’d put it on Facebook in case anyone knew anything.

“Within seconds of it going on there Martin was the first to comment saying he had a bike for Jordon.

“I was gobsmacked. It’s such a nice and kind thing to do and I just wasn’t expecting that kind of response.

“It’s restored my faith in people.

“It’s good to know that there’s people out there doing good things.”

Martin dropped off the bike to Jordon at his Swanwick Road home along with a PlayStation 3 which had been sent by another Facebook user Mr Sletton just the day after the original post appeared on the Ilkeston Spotted page.

Jordon, a pupil at the Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, said: “It’s really nice that there are some people that will do things like give you a bike and a PlayStation.

“I’ve being out on the bike loads and playing computer games as well.

“I was really upset when I found out that my stuff had been stolen.

“Because it’s half-term I would have been really bored if I hadn’t have got the new stuff.”

Martin, who lives in Stapleford, told the Advertiser: “When I saw it on Facebook I just felt sorry for the kid.

“When I was younger I was out every day on my bike and I just thought how much I would’ve hated not having one.

“I’d not used my bike for ages anyway so I thought he might as well have it.

“I was just glad I could help.”

Police are investigating the break-in, which happened some time between 11.30am and 4pm on Friday October 25.

Items stolen included an Apollo Paradox mountain bike, a red Advent laptop, a Blackberry playbook and an Ice watch.

Anyone with information can call Derbyshire Police on 101.