Facebook helps search for dog

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A FAMILY say they have been touched by all the help they are getting in the hunt for their missing dog that disappeared nine weeks ago.

Paul Newton’s German Shepherd chased a fox when he was out walking him near Gallows inn in October and has been missing ever since.

Now hundreds of people have taken to Facebook to help with the hunt and a £500 reward has been put up.

Paul’s daughter Sarah, told the Advertiser: “I know some people will just think it’s just a dog but he was part of the family. My dad’s dogs are his life and my kids keep asking if he’ll be back for Christmas.

“I think someone must have him because we would have found him by now if not.

“Posters are up everywhere, people have been looking out for him and we’ve been in touch with all the rescue centres and dog wardens.”

More than 320 people have commented on Facebook after Sarah posted a photo and an appeal. Anyone with information can call 07939 293500.