Family's devastation as Ilkeston dad told is cancer has returned

Jamie and Lisa on their wedding day
Jamie and Lisa on their wedding day

An Ilkeston dad who underwent major surgery in an attempt to combat cancer has been dealt the devastating news that the cancer has spread.

Jamie Cragg, 30, from Cotmanhay, was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in summer 2014.

He underwent revolutionary Hipec treatment at Christie Hospital in Manchester in March this year which involved chemotherapy being delivered directly to cancer cells in the abdomen.

He went back to work as a manager at Tesco in Ilkeston just six weeks after the operation and went on to marry his partner Lisa at Ilkeston Town Hall in August.

But a follow-up scan this week revealed that the cancer has spread to his stomach. He now has to wait for the consultants to decide what is the best course of action, and could face the tough decision of whether to undergo another major operation to remove his stomach.

Jamie, who has a six-year-old son called Josh, and eight-year-old stepson called Alfie, said he was trying to remain positive but felt he was running out of options. He said: "I had to have a couple of scans which showed something around my stomach which has grown to the size of a golf ball. It's part of the same cancer so is quite aggressive, as it was before."

He now has three options. The first is to have Hipec again but this time taking away either parts of, or his whole stomach. This would then be followed by chemotherapy. The second option is to have chemotherapy as a palliative measure, and the third option is to do nothing.

Jamie said: "I will do whatever the consultant says. He has got to have a meeting with the rest of his team to decide whether my body is up for the operation so soon and whether it's worth it if the outcome is the same.

"My chances of a cure are getting less and less. There is a 20 to 30 per cent chance of a cure with the surgery."

Jamie realised there may be something wrong when he was called back to the hospital following a scan a few weeks ago. "I was shocked to know how quickly it had come back." he said.

He will now have to go back this month to see what decision has been made. He said: "Lisa has taken it worse than me. We have had some time off work to spend time together and digest it. We are pinning our hopes on having the operation."

His sister Michelle Green, said: "We are all devastated."