Fashion high-flyer has tea with PM at No 10

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A 17-year-old designer. whose fashion label is achieving cult status, has enjoyed an audience with the Prime Minister, David Cameron, at 10 Downing Streetng.

After visiting Dhillan Bhardwaj’s newly-opened Ratchet Clothing store on Wilsthorpe Road in Long Eaton, Erewash MP Jessica Lee invited the teen to the capital for tea with Mr Cameron.

The teenager was invited to discuss the brand and his future plans for it.

He said: “Meeting the Prime Minister, and seeing his interest in the Ratchet brand, brings into perspective how quickly Ratchet Clothing has grown from tie-dyeing T-shirts in my garage to the point where we are today.

“It hasn’t really all sunk in yet.”

Since opening his flagship store in March, Dhillan’s brand has become one of the biggest independent clothing brands on social media site Facebook and has already amassed a celebrity following including X-Factor contestants, hip-hop chart-topper Azelia Banks and ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer Miley Cyrus.

Following on from his meeting at Downing Street, Dhillan added: “I am currently in discussions with one of the UK’s biggest shopping centre chains, which have 16 outlets across the country.

“We’re also hoping to do a UK tour having pop up shops at each centre.”