Father-to-be supplied drugs on night of nurse’s mystery death

Kimberley Bradbury
Kimberley Bradbury

A father-to-be was jailed after police probed a birthday party which led to the mystery death of a nurse.

Callum Slack brought drugs to the Ilkeston get-together but there was no suggestion these killed Kimberley Bradbury, 22, a court heard.

Kimberley Bradbury

Kimberley Bradbury

He believed a drug dealer had supplied Ecstasy, took some and so did two other people. Nobody saw Miss Bradbury take any.

She began struggling for breath and friends called an ambulance. She was taken to hospital and died shortly after the incident on June 8 at a flat on Gosforth Avenue, Ilkeston.

Tests showed she had “no MDMA or Ecstasy in her system,” said Sarah Slater, prosecuting.

Slack, 27, of Swanwick Road, Ilkeston admitted two counts of attempting to supply a Class A drug. He was jailed for nine months at Derby Crown Court.

Recorder Tim Spencer QC said there was “no evidential link” between Slack’s activity and the death of Miss Bradbury.

He told a packed public gallery: “The death will play no part in the sentence I impose. I sentence in respect of what is before me.

“I have no idea of the state of the evidence in relation to the death and no idea whether there is any consideration of any form of homicide charge.”

The court was told a group of friends had been out in Nottingham and returned to Ilkeston early in the morning. Some amphetamines were taken and at about 3am, Slack arrived with two friends.

“He admits he had purchased what he thought was Ecstasy and had taken some himself,” said Miss Slater.

A girl was aware “he had something” and asked Slack about it. She dabbed a finger in the drug and “thought it was quite strong and came up in a rush.”

A man also took a small amount “and shortly after felt the effects of the rush.”

Miss Slater added: “Nobody saw Kimberley Bradbury taking any drugs from Callum Slack.”

Quentin Robbins, mitigating, said Slack would “regret the tragedy for the rest of his life.”

He had given up drugs and had a full-time job. Slack had no criminal convictions relating to drugs.

On the night, he had “only a small amount” of a drug. He was not selling it but sharing it among people he knew.

Mr Robbins added: “This is a tragedy and has created a great deal of anguish and upset and problems in the community. He is no longer welcome among these people and lives a fairly solitary life.”

A police file has been prepared for an inquest into the death of Miss Bradbury. Detective inspector Hayley Barnett said: “No-one has been charged directly relating to the death. Police would examine any material which came to light

“If there are any witnesses who have not yet spoken to the police, we would urge them to come forward.”