‘Fearless’ uses drama in fight against crime

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Young people in Ilkeston have been learning about the fight against crime through drama workshops at their school.

The workshops are a result of a partnership between drama company Stepladder, and Fearless, which is the charity Crimestoppers’ youth brand. Funding for Fearless was provided by Derbyshire’s police and crime commissioner, Alan Charles.

Stepladder was formed by entrepreneuriadrama students to continue delivering the Fearless message to their peers, including pupils at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterptise Academy.

Stepladder is using inventive ways of spreading the Fearless message in the East Midlands by delivering bespoke, facilitated drama workshops for young people.

One of the workshops ‘One Can’t Hurt, Can It?’ deals with the issue of drugs.

Fearless lead, Gordon Savage, said: “We are really grateful Alan Charles, for the funding that he has provided. We wanted to make sure that this money was used to best effect - getting the message of Fearless across in a memorable, but cost-effective way. Stepladder has been a great solution to this, making sure that the important messages aren’t diluted”.