Fields Farm housing plan ‘will happen’

VILLAGERS have vowed to back a councillor’s calls for development in one area of Trowell.

Cllr Ken Rigby made his suggestion to residents at a meeting on Wednesday in a bid to stop potential development on other areas of the village.

He said: “The document written by the planning inspector has sealed our fate.

“We’re defeated. This report is dynamite, they’re going to build in Trowell so I propose we back the Field Farm site.

“My suggestion would be that we push for development but only up to the Boundary Brook.

“That way the developers can build but we won’t see as many houses.”

Government housing figures mean that 6,100 new homes need to be built in the Broxtowe borough before 2028.

Sites identified by planners included west of Coventry Lane, west of Bilborough Road and land North of Stapleford as well as the Field Farm site.

Cllr Rigby has made the suggestion that residents and the council back the plans for Field Farm, which is greenbelt land, as a way of stopping the development of the other sites as villagers fear it could lead to no green space between the village and Nottingham.

Consultation on the matter runs until October 3.

A final draft will be put together at the start of next year with the final plan being adopted in December 2012.

Cllr Rigby added: “I stood shoulder to shoulder with STRAG (Stapleford and Trowell Action Group) when they were saying no houses in Trowell.

“If you decide that that’s what you want to do, fight against any houses, then I will help you but can’t support you.

“We will lose that fight and that will cost a lot of money.”

Head of planning for Broxtowe Borough Council, Steve Dance, said: “We managed to stall development on Field Farm because we had other sites to build on before 2011.

“We need a lot more houses now, we’ve kept development there at bay for many years but now we’re getting to the point where unfortunately sites like this have to be considered.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has already decided on Toton and Field Farm as the preferred sites.

The number of homes on each site and boundaries will be confirmed after the consultation period – with Cllr Rigby hoping his plan will help to maintain Trowell’s identity.