Fight for Field Farm goes on

A group opposed to 450 houses being built on greenbelt land between Trowell and Stapleford have vowed to continue their fight against the development.

Last month Broxtowe Borough Council approved the plans at Field Farm which are part of a core strategy to build more than 6,0 00 homes in the borough over the next 15 years.

The plans were voted through last month and on Monday night an amended development plan was approved by councillors for submission to the Government.

Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group (STRAG) have outlined a number of ‘issues’ with the application, including doubts over whether the proposals would alleviate the lack of affordable housing in the borough.

The group is now waiting for Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, Eric Pickles, to make a final decision on the plans.

Zoe Cockcroft, chair of STRAG, fears the plans are not sustainable and residents living there would have no connection to Trowell. She said: “It will just plonk itself there. Every person that lives there will have to use a car.”

She added: “We are just trying to do what we can but the outlook isn’t good. It looks like Field Farm is going to be covered in concrete.

“It will make a massive impact on the local infrastructure.”

If the Government allows the plans to go ahead, STRAG will look at any submitted planning application in great detail.

MP for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry said the plans “wrongly put forward a housing
target of 6,150 houses in Broxtowe.”

When the plans were approved at a council meeting last month there were calls of ‘shame’ from the public gallery. Leader of the council, Cllr Milan Radulovic then branded the campaigners ‘Nimbys.’