Fighting hard for our community

HERE at the Advertiser we pride ourselves in working for the local community.

That’s why we are always fighting for Ilkeston.

Whether it is our long-running train station Back on Track campaign or the ongoing fight to encourage the regeneration of our town centre, we are here to try and get the best for our area.

The future of our town is important to us, that is why we are standing up and trying to do something about it.

The fight for the train station has been a long and hard one and is not going to be over in a day but we will persevere.

That is why are re-introducing our train station petitions to the paper this week to get even more public support before we hand them over in Westminster.

We have already had over 1,250 responses and had hoped by now that a funding bid would have been sent to the Government by Derbyshire County Council with our petition being used to show the public’s support for the scheme.

However, as we found out last month, the attempts to secure the cash needed to make our dream a reality has suffered numerous setbacks.

But we intend to keep the pressure on and ensure that Derbyshire County Council keeps to its word and leaves no stone unturned as it searches for the necessary financial support.

But we want to be ready and armed with the evidence to show that this station is needed in this town. Which is where you come in.

When the time is right to submit our petition to the Government we want to be able to show as much public support as possible.

So if you haven’t already filled a petition slip out then now is your chance. Make sure you stand up for your town and support our Back on Track campaign by filling out the petition on page three.

The same could be said for our town centres. Again, we do not have a magic wand to ensure every shop space in town is open and thriving, but we are trying to do our bit to support our local businesses.

That is why we are launching a new weekly Advertiser Money Savers Column. Each week local businesses will email us with any special offers they have and we will put them in the paper to let you, our readers, know where the bargains can be found.

The column, which starts soon will only be open to Ilkeston traders – no national chains will take part – and it will hopefully help encourage more people into the town to use some of the great shops that are still there.

Another way we are working behind the scenes to fight for our community is our Sort It Out feature.

This sees us pick up a cause for you the readers when you contact us with something you think ought to be fixed.

It could be as simple as an uneven pavement or a potholed road.

While we can’t promise to fix everything, we do pledge to add our weight to worthy issues where we can and this approach has seen us help to sort these kinds of problems across the area.

If there are things you would like to see us do then contact