Figures show drop in unemployment

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The number of people unemployed in Ilkeston and Long Eaton has decreased, latest figures show.

The figures, released by Job Centre Plus, are good news for Erewash, and reflect those from across Derbyshire.

They show that the number of people claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance in Erewash is down 29 per cent compared to a year ago, meaning there are 568 fewer claimants. This includes 210 fewer young people claiming JSA.

The change in claimant numbers since 2010 is 1,434, a reduction of 51 per cent, including 480 fewer young people.

Joanna Smith, from Job Centre Plus, said: “The result are excellent. The statistics are incredible. There has been a great amount of support for people job searching but the bigger situation is that people will be making a job search that is like a full-time job.”

She said it is become mandatory for people to attend appointments with the Job Centre and said it was ‘kind of like tough love.’

In Ilkeston and Long Eaton the kind of jobs and employment opportunities available differ. In Long Eaton they benefit from East Midlands airport, while Ilkeston has recently benefitted from a recruitment drive by Morrisons, which is set to open a new supermarket on Nottingham Road in the new year.

This is expected to see another 100 people off JSA.

Ilkeston is also set to be one of the first towns to benefit from universal credit.

Erewash MP Jessica Lee said: “I am really pleased to hear that unemployment is down across the board and particularly here in Erewash.”