Fill empty shops first

This is a copy of part of a letter I sent to MP Jessica Lee regarding the closure of the Co-op in Ilkeston.

I think it seems like she wants people to findwork outside the town instead of encouraging firms to come into Ilkeston.

For she says that having a train station will give residents a chance to commute further afield and will increase the income of some households.

I hope Jessica Lee realises that people who work away from Ilkeston will also spend their money in the towns they work in.

I see that there are now proposals to turn the old Stanton Ironworks site into a new housing estate with shops.

Surely we should have the empty shops on Bath Street filled before any new ones are built?

In another ten years, I think we will just be a suberb of Notttingham or even Long Eaton.

Ilkeston is one of the biggest towns in Derbyshire but during the last 30 to 40 years it has really gone down hill.

Mrs B. Matthews,

East Street, Ilkeston.