Final guest column from Inspector Nick Daines: Support shows much about Il’son folk

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All good things must come to an end, or so the saying goes.

Sadly, this is now true of my time at Ilkeston and I’m moving on to replace a retiring colleague at another station.

Inspector Katie Andrews, who is currently the section inspector at Long Eaton, will take over and be in charge of a larger Erewash policing area.

Inspector Andrews has lots of experience and already works with many local partners.

You can be confident that she will strive to ensure that officers place victims and the community at the heart of what we do, as I have done my best to do in my time here.

In thinking about what to write in my final column, I’ve had a look back over my time here. The first thing is that quite incredibly I have been here for five years this month. Time really does fly and it seems like only yesterday that I landed.

The next thing is just how good a place Ilkeston is to work. It seems a cliché, but there really is something about Il’son folk.

The sense of pride people have about their community is wholly justified.

I’ve also had tremendous support from lots of organisations and the people who work within them.

I’d also give a special mention to the ‘Tiser, with whom I have developed a very positive relationship over the years.

Of course, there have been challenges in the last five years. The only constant in policing is change.

The shape of what we deal with is always moving, with technology playing an ever-greater part. The force’s financial profile has changed too and that too means doing things differently. But we have met these things head on, as we always do.

There have been frustrations. Regular readers will recognise repeated banging of the drum around road safety and basic crime prevention (people, please, lock your cars).

But there have been successes too, and the reduction in crime and ASB in recent years, achieved by working with both partners and the community, has given me immense professional satisfaction.

I know that whatever else I do in policing, I shall look back on this period with great fondness. I thank you all for your help and support, and for a final time, I’ll ask you to stay safe!