First steps to fixing parking ticket woes

NILABE120228c1, Pay and display, Albion car park, Ilkeston.
NILABE120228c1, Pay and display, Albion car park, Ilkeston.

The first steps to making car-park tickets transferable in Ilkeston and wider Erewash will be taken at a council meeting.

A report to the Erewash Borough Council executive meeting this week asked councillors to recommend that full council on June 26 agrees to change a Traffic Regulation Order.

The changes will mean that motorists can display tickets bought in any council-run car park across the borough.

If agreed a required legal process to confirm the proposed change would then begin, with the transferable ticket scheme expected to go live in the late autumn.

Cllr Barbara Harrison, Erewash Borough Council’s lead member for environment, said: “This is very much the first stage of permitting transferable tickets, something which we would hope to have in place later in the year.

“It would certainly offer greater flexibility and convenience for shoppers and encourage movement between different areas of the town centres.”

The scheme hit the headlines earlier this year when Erewash Borough Council wrongly published that tickets were already transferable in their magazine sent out to residents.

Erewash Labour Group claimed that illegal parking tickets had been issued to drivers as a result.