Food bank helping more people than ever

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This week sees the launch of the ‘Tiser’s latest campaign - Feed Our Families.

We are joining forces with the Arena Church’s community food bank to make sure Ilkeston residents don’t go hungry this Christmas and we need your help.

The Belfield Street-based food bank will help 30 per cent more people this year than it did last year -handing out roughly 2,500 food parcels in 2013.

Lisa Harrison, community manager, told the Advertiser: “Now more than ever we are seeing working people turning to us for help.

“People assume we’re handing food out to people on benefits, drug addicts and the homeless, but they are now the minority of people we help.

“There has been a stigma attached to using food banks in the past and we understand making the first steps towards getting help is hard for working people but that’s what we are here for.

“You don’t need to be referred, anyone can come for an interview and we can decide if they are suitable to receive parcels. And people can come as and when they need.”

To help boost the charity’s stock and make sure none of our town’s residents go without food this winter we want our readers to take a look in their cupboards or buy an extra tin or two when doing the weekly shop - however small the donation might seem it will all make a difference.

David Farnsworth is in charge of administration at the food bank. He said: “People are being forced to decide between making mortgage payments, filling their cars up with fuel to get to work and heating their homes and food, and often food is the only thing they can cut right back on.

“My role involves collecting all of the figures of people we help and I think people would be shocked to see that these families are the ones we are helping more and more.”

All of the produce donated by ‘Tiser readers will be passed on to the Arena to make up the parcels they hand out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Parcels are packaged up to cater for a host of different service users, whether it be for a single parent struggling to feed their children or for elderly people struggling to afford food because of other mounting costs.