Footpath has turned into a fatal rat run

NEAABE120404d2, Kimberley Edgwood road path causing locals problems. Gillian Spink,Dot Saxton and Josie Wilde,
NEAABE120404d2, Kimberley Edgwood road path causing locals problems. Gillian Spink,Dot Saxton and Josie Wilde,

Youths have begun tearing up and down a pathway with blind corners on motorbikes after barriers were taken down because one resident complained she could not get through on her scooter.

One woman living nearby described it as a ‘fatality waiting to happen’ and said keeping one person happy has put everybody else’s life at risk.

Josie Wild, who lives in Edgwood Road where the pathway is, said: “It’s so dangerous it’s unbelievable.

“It’s a fatality waiting to happen. Any children coming out on a scooter or a bike would be killed.”

Mrs Wild said within four hours of the barriers being taken down, motorcyclists had begun speeding down the pathway, which has six foot high fencing and bends round the corner making it impossible to see what is coming.

At a Kimberley Town Council meeting last Thursday Cllr Steve Brunt said: “It’s a rat run for motorcyclists. You have to fear for the safety of school kids and the elderly who use that footpath everyday.

“There will be an accident and I hope not a fatal one.”

The council meeting heard that Broxtowe borough councillor Richard Robinson highlighted the mobility scooter user’s complaints, leading to the barriers being taken down.

But Cllr Ken Rigby, who represents Kimberley on Nottinghamshire County Council, said now they have gone, residents will have a fight on their hands to get them replaced and will have to keep a log of the speeding bikes to prove there is a problem.

He said: “It’s more difficult to have them put back than it is to have them removed. We are now going to have to provide a case for the replacement of these barriers. Disabled people need all the help we can give them, but you have got to have a balance.”

The councillor suggested that residents who turned out to last week’s Kimberley Town Council meeting to voice their concerns should keep a diary of all incidents, and also start a petition.

Kimberley Town Council agreed to support the campaign to bring back the barriers, which were put up to stop motorcyclists using it in the 1960s.

A Broxtowe Borough Council spokesman said: “The bollards were removed to improve access for people with disabilities. Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour on the footpath should report the issue as soon as possible on 0844 980 8080 so that a solution can be found to suit everyone involved.”