Former Ilkeston GP lost four stone depite being in wheelchair

Amanda Hancock
Amanda Hancock

A former Ilkeston doctor has told how she lost four stone despite being in a wheelchair.

Amanda Hancock, a former Ilkeston GP who worked at Gladstone House Surgery from 1998 to 2007, lost four stone after joining a weight loss group and will now run a group in Kirk Hallam.

Amanda Hancock, lost 4 stone

Amanda Hancock, lost 4 stone

She said: “I had to retire at the age of 36 because I have Muscular Dystrophy. I emigrated to Cyprus early in 2008 and returned home to Ilkeston in November 2014.”

At her biggest, Amanda felt embarrassed and ashamed at how she looked and thought people often assumed she wouldn’t need that wheelchair if she wasn’t so overweight. She has now had to get a smaller wheelchair and there is no stopping her.

She said: “One of the things I felt I was missing out on was being able to join in with the family on rides at theme parks. Now my family can just lift me on the rides.”

Amanda, who is relaunching the Kirk Hallam Slimming World Group at Kirk Hallam Community Academy on Wednesday, January 6, at 5.30pm, said: “There is a media storm regarding the current obesity crisis we have in this country. I know firsthand the health implications obesity has and the personal pain individuals suffer from being overweight.

Amanda Hancock

Amanda Hancock

“I myself have lost four stone which is incredible considering I am a wheelchair user. I would not have been able to do this without Slimming World.

“I have been so impressed with Slimming World’s safe sensible nutritional eating plan and their approach to encouraging activity, along with the emotional support and encouragement they give to their members that I decided to train as a consultant myself.

“I thought at the weekend the television was very negative towards the medical profession and their role in this problem and thought it would be nice to let people know that here in Ilkeston a local former GP is already helping to resolve the issue.”

Amanda said she tried for years all types of diet but finally cracked it with the help and support of the group in Cyprus.

“My initial target was to lose a stone,” she said. “But with the positive tips from fellow slimmers and the consultant each week I continued until I had lost four stone.”

Amanda still enjoyed her favourite meals including homemade curries and Chinese, which the whole family enjoy more than the takeaway.

She has been at her target weight for two years now after seeing the amazing transformation. Both her mum and aunt are also target members, both have lost more than two stone each.

All three of them say they couldn’t have achieved this without the weekly support of the members in the group.

Amanda added: “You can take it one week at a time. You can lose the weight without ever being hungry or feeling deprived.”