Former Ilkeston woman dies in US

Barbara Seip
Barbara Seip

A FORMER Ilkestonian, and community stalwart in her American home, has died.

Barbara Seip, known as Babs, 79, was born in Ilkeston in 1931 but left for the USA in 1953 to marry Carl Seip a US army soldier stationed in England.

Babs, whose maiden name was Richardson, was born in Ilkeston but later moved to Millersburg, Missouri, to be near family,

She was very active in the community organising annual Hallowe’en parties and spent hours preparing memorials for those who passed away in the community. She created and wrote by hand the Millersburg newspaper News in a Nutshell, which she mailed around the world for 16 years and created the British Wives Club, pulling together British wives in central Missouri.

She passed away unexpectedly on Sunday May 1 at her home. She is survived by Carl, four daughters, a son, and two half-brothers Peter and Ewart Richardson in England.