Free bays for shoppers at Nottingham Road

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An Ilkeston postmaster is hoping a plan to install free parking bays for shoppers will be a lifeline for businesses.

Derbyshire county councillor Michelle Booth has canvassed the authority tirelessly for the last four years to see changes made and attract more custom to shops in Nottingham Road.

Now retailers there will hopefully see work begin on five free parking places outside their premises in just a few weeks’ time.

Minesh Patel, of Gallows Inn Post Office, said the new parking spaces meant the difference between merely clinging on and thriving.

He said: “Michelle was like a tigress – she kept on putting the case to the powers that be at Matlock until they capitulated from sheer exhaustion!”

Cllr Booth, the county council member for Kirk Hallam, said: “These wonderful local shops are the life-blood of Erewash but when the going gets tough, the smallest concerns go to the wall first.

“In this part of Nottingham Road shoppers need convenient parking to encourage them to use the tremendous Post Office, the chip shop or ATM for a very short period of time.

“Just a few minutes will do to buy the essentials.”

John Frudd, Labour’s 
shadow cabinet spokesman on regeneration at Erewash 
Borough Council, said a mix of initiatives was essential for 
economic recovery. He added: “Friendly parking is crucial in encouraging people to use a shop on their doorstep and this is the way that local businesses survive and grow.”

Erewash Labour Group Leader, Alex Phillips said: “The parking spaces make real sense and I am sure will be 
welcomed by businesses 
and shoppers alike.”