Free service from bee keeper

A bee keeper from Brinsley is offering a free service to get rid of honey bee swarms.

Jonathon Atkin, who lives at Allandale Farm will go out to properties where there is a problem with bees, and take them away completely free of charge.

Mr Atkin will collect the bees and transfer them into hives where they can continue to thrive as well as provide a natural pollination service to the surrounding environment.

The bee keeper has recently planted 2.5 acres on the farm specifically for pollinators.

Mr Atkin said: “I am more than happy to attend any Honey Bee swarms which are reported for free, and to deal with and take away the bees.

“Ultimately the bees will be collected and transferred into hives where they can continue to thrive.

“I am happy to deal with Honey Bee Swarms, but cannot help for any other swarms such as wasps and so on. But I am happy to talk to people to help them identify if the swarm is Wasps, Hornets or Honey Bees.”

Mr Atkin is happy to travel throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

call 07711388098 or email