Friends are in need of a shared home

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THESE two beautiful cats were taken to the RSPCA centre on Abbey Street, Derby, as their owner could no longer cope with them.

Growl Tiger is an adult male ginger cat while Jellicle is a female black nine-week-old kitten.

Even though they are unrelated they have such a special bond and they cannot bear to be parted.

“They really do have such a special friendship and we think it would be so important for them to be re-homed together,” say staff. “They are both such friendly cats and love their food. Growl Tiger will always wait until Jellicle has had her fill before he will eat his share. They really are a fantastic pair and now they are fully recovered from minor illnesses, they will be great companions for anyone.”

If you think you can give these two a home they can live in together, simply drop in to the centre on Abbey Street, Derby, or call the RSPCA on 01332 344620 to arrange a visit.