Funding approved for new town transport plan

Ilkeston transport, Tesco roundabout
Ilkeston transport, Tesco roundabout

An exciting bundle of pedestrian and cycle routes in Ilkeston look set to go ahead after councillors agreed to release more than £1m in government funding for the project.

The plans are the second phase in a scheme to improve the connection between the new railway station, the town centre and residential, employment and leisure areas.

It is believed that by improving access to the new railway station through sustainable transport links, residents’ access to jobs either within or outside of Ilkeston will also improve.

Now £1.2m in funding from the Local Growth Fund will be allocated to the construction of seven cycle and pedestrian walkway routes.

They include the following:

l Erewash canal towpath from Cotmanhay to Larklands

l A6096 Millership Way, town centre to the new railway station

l Leisure centre and Manners Industrial Estate
l Town centre to Manners Industrial Estate

l Town centre to West End Drive

l Town centre to Larklands

l Cotmanhay

As the funding was approved at a Derbyshire County Council cabinet meeting this week, Councillor Anne Western, leader of the authority, said it would be great to see Ilkeston connected together with sustainable transport.

Councillor Paul Smith, deputy leader of Derbyshire County Council, said work completed on a recent pedestrian route in Cotmanhay had been very well received by the public.

The new routes are part of Erewash Borough Council’s Ilkeston Gateway plans to maximise transport and regeneration benefits from the new railway station and encourage travel alternatives.

Erewash Borough Council states in its supplementary planning document (SPD) for the Ilkeston Gateway that the station would serve as a catalyst for regeneration and job creation in the area.

The borough council states in its vision for the Gateway: “The prominence of the car, not only across the Gateway, but also more widely across Ilkeston, will have reduced.

“In its place, the sustainable travel modes of walking and cycling in particular will have been promoted through the introduction of improved sustainable links between the town centre and the Gateway and populations to the north and south.

“By creating an area that has strong sustainable transport links both at a local and strategic level and by identifying and earmarking good quality land for business and industrial use, new businesses will have located within the Gateway.

“Opportunities will have arisen for the local population to gain employment through job creation.”

Now that the funding has been approved, work could commence on the Erewash canal towpath from Cotmanhay to Larklands as early as next month.