Funding will solve pothole problem

Pot holes on Lord haddon Road, Ilkeston.
Pot holes on Lord haddon Road, Ilkeston.

Potholes in Ilkeston look set to be fixed as part of £100,000 of funding to repair Derbyshire’s roads.

The money will be spent on improving local roads in the county over a six year period, until 2021.

The funding forms part of a record £540 million investment which will be ploughed into the East Midlands to fix the 1.7 million potholes which blight the region.
Transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, said the investment was vital for the county.

“Roads play a significant part in everyday life,” he said.

“Poorly maintained local roads, blighted by potholes, are a menace to all road users, particularly during the festive period as people travel to see family and friends.

“It is vital we have good quality roads. This government has already taken strong action by spending £1 billion more on local roads maintenance than was spent in the previous parliament.”

Derbyshire will receive a total of £99,076 which will be split over the six-year period. A number of roads in Ilkeston have large potholes and are in desperate need of repair, according to townsfolk.

Annabel Bestwick told the Tiser: “There is a huge one on Lord Haddon Road.

“We live just off there so it gets me a fair few times a day - it’s driving me mad.”

Geoff Allister, executive director of the Highways Term Maintenance Association and advocate for the Highways Agency Efficiency Programme, congratulated the transport secretary in taking the step of introducing an incentive element from 2016/17 into the local highways maintenance funding for councils.