GALLERY: Ilkeston’s pups, pusses and parrots on show

Entry number 34 - Paul
Entry number 34 - Paul
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From guinea pigs to snakes, an amazing collection of animals have been entered into this year’s Ilkeston Pet of the Year Award.

With an amazing 66 entries in total, the awards have attracted a managerie of prize-winning hopefuls.

We’ve got puppies, we’ve got kitties, we’ve got guinea pigs and even a snake.

Acting head of content for the newspaper Ashley Booker said: “I’d like to thank everyone who has entered their pet in this year’s competition.

“Looking through the entries it’s clear that there are some absolutely gorgeous pets out there.

“But there can only be one winner.”

You can now vote for your favourite pet, simply contact us at with the name and number of your favourite pet.

Closing date for votes is November 12, check this week’s copy of the ‘Tiser for the full list of names.