GAME REVIEW: Dragonball Z: Battle of Z

If you’re a fan of the Dragonball Z franchise then you are in for a bit of a treat with the release of Dragonball Z: Battle of Z Developed by Artkid and published by Namco Bandai.

With over 60 missions available this game can`t be described as having a lack of content, the modes include single and multi-player missions and the all-important team battles.

Dragonball Z game

Dragonball Z game

Dragonball Z: Battle of Z is technically a team fighting game and although there is a single player option it`s not as much fun, you can fight as either one of the Z fighters or as an antagonist and all you Dragonball Z fans will be pleased with the distinct 90`s feel of the animation and the original dragonball soundtrack.

The multi-player and Team battle options are only unlocked after you have completed a fair amount of the single player campaign.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward and you are thrown into the action straight away and with over 70 customisable characters available, each one with their own set of skills, the choices are literally endless.

Multi-player is restricted to on-line play Multi mission allows up to 8 players playing at once and is also helpful for players who have had difficulty in completing missions, with no local co-op or even a versus mode this takes the edge off a little, as a split screen battle with your mates would be fun, again a little disappointing.

Team battle has a number of modes Normal battle (4 on 4), score battle, Battle Royale (free for all) and Dragonball grab.

Graphics are nice with a traditional cell shaded look reminiscent of the TV series and the characters move and look good, the soundtrack is the usual whining guitar solo type sound we all have come to expect from these types of games.


Dragonball Z: Battle of Z is a great nostalgia trip for any Dragonball z fan and newbies will find something of interest within this game, its fast paced visually exciting and apart from the lack of local co-op and versus modes is good fun.

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• Dragonball Z: Battle of Z

• Developers: Artkid

• Publishers: Namaco Bandai

• Playstation 3

• Xbox 360

• Playstation Vita

• Genre: fighting

• Release Date: now

• Gameplay: 4/5

• Graphics: 3.5/5

• Story: 2/5

• Overall: 3/5