GCSE RESULTS: Record breaking day for pupils at Friesland School

Pupils at Friesland School celebrating record-breaking GCSE results.
Pupils at Friesland School celebrating record-breaking GCSE results.

Pupils who have picked up their GCSE results from Friesland School have the best grades the school has achieved.

In English and maths 72 per cent of students achieved higher grades.

Headteacher Peter Monk said: “It is easy to say ‘best-ever results’ but literally these are the best GCSE results the school has ever achieved.

“I am so proud today of the achievements of students and staff alike as it is a team approach that has led to this success.

“It is a complicated year in terms of accountability measures with both ‘new’ and ‘old’ ones in circulation.

“With regards to ‘new’ measures we are confident that our Attainment 8 score of 52.1 will be well above average and that our Progress 8 score will be a strongly positive one having applied the most recent co-efficients provided.”

Attainment 8 is the students’ average achievement across these eight subjects. From 2016, the floor standard will be based on schools’ results on the Progress 8 measure. Although Progress 8/Attainment 8 are intended to encourage students to take eight qualifications, this is not compulsory.

Mr Monk said: “With regards to ‘old’ measures, 72 per cent of students achieved higher grades in both English and mathematics and the progress data for both subjects was exceptional. Across the board, students have performed extremely well.

“The consistently high achievement in English and mathematics is particularly pleasing. At the same time, however, historically Friesland has a history of excellence in performing arts and even by their high standards drama and dance have performed extremely well this year.”

He added: “Outcomes are also especially strong in MFL, physics, computer science and vocational subjects.”

There were some exceptional individual performances like Matthew Osbiston who achieved 10 *As and one A.

Other top performers include:

Joe Futter: eight A*s and three As

Matthew White: six A*s and five As

Sam Bird: five A*s and six As

Imogen Motler: five A*s and six As

Lydia Taylor: five A*s and six As

Jessica Thompson: four A*s and seven As

Nathaniel Weerasooriya: three A*s and seven As

Lizzie Sarell: three A*s and five As

Ethan Lee: two A*s and six As

Toby Davies: two A*s and seven As

Sarah Thompson: one A* and seven As

Chris Goodall: one A* and seven As

Eleanor Goodwin: one A* and seven As

Matthew Gray: nine As and two Bs

Adam Pritchard: nine As and two Bs