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The benefits system is very complex and many people are not being paid their correct entitlement, even though they are already claiming some benefits.

This is especially the case where there is a disabled person living in the household.

With the introduction of Universal Credits the benefit system is likely to become even more complex as the new Universal Credits will exist alongside many of the benefits that we already have.

There are various benefits you can claim if you have health issues and if you are disabled.

Some benefits such as Personal Independence Payments can be claimed even if you are working as they are not means tested.

If you are unable to work you may be able to claim Employment Support Allowance and there may be help for you if you are a carer or even returning to work after a period of being unable to work.

In summary, if you are disabled or severely disabled or have disabled children, if you are unable to work due to illness or disability or if you are a carer or considering caring for someone with a disability, then you may well be entitled to more benefits than you are receiving.

Call in to your local CAB to take advantage of our free and completely confidential service to allow us to check whether you are getting your full benefit entitlement.

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