Gift shop opens on Bath Street

Brett Grubey in his gift shop on Bath Street, Ilkeston.
Brett Grubey in his gift shop on Bath Street, Ilkeston.

A shop owner on Bath Street that used to specialise in sweets is now targeting an older market with his new gift shop.

Brett Grubey, 23, has reinvented his shop at the lower end of Bath Street as a gift shop called Gifts R Us, selling popular brands such as Bomb Cosmetics.

He said: “I decided to bring something else in so started selling Bomb Cosmetics. The Co-op used to sell them so I decided to bring them in. I then started selling a few other gift items and decided it made sense to change to a gift shop.”

Though it will mainly sell gifts it hasn’t stopped selling sweets completely.

Brett said business has been good since he re-branded two weeks ago and he has had lots of people through the door.

He said that he thinks businesses at the lower end of Bath Street have been doing well since the Post Office closed at the Co-op last June but felt they could suffer now the Post Office had opened on South Street.

He said: “When the Post Office closed at the top trade was a bit better but now it had re-opened it has gone back to how it was but I think that Harpur and Finch moving further down the street will help.”

Gifts R Us sell bath bombs, soaps, sweets, quick build model kits (such as planes), Star Wars items and match stick kits, where people can build things using matchsticks.

Customers will also be able to ask for personal designs on wine glasses and gift hampers. The hampers will be made on request, depending on the person’s budget.

Gifts R Us is open from Monday to Saturday 10am until 4,30pm, closed Wednesdays.

Brett said: “Our cosmetics and bath products are good quality but cheaper than leading brands. We also do candles that are as good as the leading brands.”

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