Give us new bus station

To boost Ilkeston Town Centre I would suggest we had a new bus station. I have been looking in the town and find it very congested with buses on Wharncliffe Road.

I guess the best place to have a bus station would be at the back of the Salvation Army headquarters. I have noticed that there are three car parks around the area that are not used very much. Every time I drive past in the week I only find about five cars in three car parks. What a waste of space.

We have to get this town back on the map and would think this suggestion will help to bring back more shoppers and more businesses, including the big- name shops that we miss very much.

I went to Mansfield a few weeks ago to see their new bus station in the town — very nice.

It seems to bring more people in to the town again and more shops seem to be opening up again.

Peter Bolton,

Summerfields Way, Ilkeston.